After the party.....

There's two things that are an inevitability after a night of partying - drunk dialing and late night food. Sometimes I begin the night around 10pm looking forward to those 2 tacos and chicken sandwich from Jack in the Box at 2am. Hearing the words 'last call' is sometimes the sweetest words so that I can make a beeline for my truck to beat the crowds to Jack. If I'm in Campbell, you can bet I'm heading towards Taco Bravo, home of some infamous stories of mine.

I just came across this site a few months ago, that has one of the best comprehensive lists of late night dining in the Valley. I've used it mostly for late night dates, where food is imperative. Heck, not every date can be that cheap! The site is called The author, I assume is his name is Andreas, seems like a pleasant guy. His mullet makes him seem cultured too. I spent a bit of time trying to decide whether the mullet helped or hurt him - you be the judge.

One unfortunate aspect of some of my evenings is drunk-dialing. It's a not so fortunate habit of mine. Sometimes they're the result of a long fruitless night at a club. Those phone calls are like validation and therapy, you start thinking, I'm going to call every girl who's ever shown interest in my life. My friend and coworker sent me this new feature for Virgin Mobile that prevents drunk-dialing. Read this article from Engadget - sounds tantalizing!

Kevin Leu
The Silicon Valley Bachelor

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