Why I Feel Sorry For Michael Arrington

Mike Arrington's rise to prominence is a fascinating, albeit somewhat sad story. I just read on Wired about how he turned TechCrunch, a hugely popular tech blog, into a profit machine in record time. In following his career, as a necessity for anyone in the internet field, he's unforgivably human with his outbursts and opinionated writings, yet professional and sincere in his dealings with countless entrepreneurs. It's that reason he largely goes unscathed on the world wide web where anyone can be a critic, and normally everyone is. Mike Arrington's not a normal person - he's powerful, and that's why I feel sorry for him.

I read his blog post about his hope for a downturn in Silicon Valley as a cry for help. Here's a guy, who truly, genuinely loves the nature of Silicon Valley, but now has to deal with people showing up at his home, unnannounced, waking him up just to pitch their product. Where's the fun in knowing that you hold so much power and influence for the livelihood of so many entrepreneurs, of which, only 1 in 15 may possibly grace the pages of TechCrunch?

I wouldn't feel so sad for him, if it didn't seem like he cares or is tormented by those he cannot help out. It's endearing. I was a journalist for a number of years, and I heard countless sob stories when I was out doing interviews or liveshots. Many a stranger would approach me and hope that through my medium I might be able to help them out by getting their own personal story on air. It's not a comforting experience to know they saw me as a way out and possibly the only person who would help without bureacratic guidelines.

It's in those times, where when the cameras were turned off, I'd help and shovel soot and ash from a fallen home, take the time to listen when nobody would or offer words of encouragement. I'm no saint though; I turned away many people with a false illusion that I might be able to do something for them. Just like Mike Arrington, no matter how human you are, you can't help everybody. And that is always an unsettling feeling.

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  1. So I'm wondering why the picture with the three topless guys is above the picture with you and the woman...

  2. You write very well.

  3. Thanks Kristine, I have my moments!


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