Man Jose, Living with the Folks, and Getting Older

Over the last 10 years, I've sporadically lived in my hometown of Cupertino - and that's a good thing. You see, it's not exactly known as a haven of singles activity. Most people who live in Cupertino (home of Apple Computers) are transplants who came either for the excellent schools or a job within Silicon Valley. No offense, but .... wait, I guess this would be offensive, sorry, but most Silicon Valley types are male computer science majors or engineers. And if you've ever taken a look at whatever college you were at, those majors are filled with typically smarter, but less attractive people.

What's funny is that my parents came here to put me in good schools and I was surrounded by technology - yet I sucked at both. On a side note, after 10 years, I'm living at home again with my parents. I think there may be a correlation here.

Anyway, so my 'game' now consists of going out around Cupertino, areas enhanced with male computer guys. The places of choice are Santana Row, Cardiff in Campbell, Blue Chalk in Palo Alto and if I'm feeling up for it - anyplace in San Francisco. I mostly avoid San Jose, which has been given the moniker 'Man Jose' for good reason. If you've ever been out at a bar or nightclub in the area, we're talking at best, 4 to 1 odds on men to women.

I really don't have a problem going up to women, mostly because I feel life is too short to let opportunities pass me by. Plus, a short term memory when it comes to rejections doesn't hurt either. What was I saying??...... Oh yeah, I'm no spring kitten anymore. (I'm not sure I used that saying right, it's either kitten or chicken, whatever). I realize I'm getting older now that I meet girls who are in their early 20s and I ask them what year they graduated high school and they say 2003 and 2004. I use to be able to talk to girls and tell them who I knew at their high school, mostly guys I played sports against during my high school years (class of 97). Now I get blank stares.

I'm going to have to change up the game plan. Maybe instead of asking questions, I'll go straight for the drunken make-out attempt. Those are my favorite. On the off chance I'm successful, I'm sure the fact I live with my parents will seal the deal!

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