My Life in Pictures

I'm a sucker for romantic gestures....
I swing both ways....
I don't like it when other people steal my thunder in photos.
I am a really good basketball player who lives by one philosophy... pass to the black guy on our team.
Women love men who are good with kids. I like to show this pic as a sign of great things to come... Is that beer over there?!?
It's been said that the SVB was the inspiration to Brian Wilson's beard. To which, Kevin replied: "Who's Brian Wilson? Is he related to Wilson Phillips?"
I am very resourceful. Some say I am like MacGyver, but handsomer. Here, I am using an oscillating fan as a hair dryer.
 Weekend at Bernie's was a good movie... this may be in poor taste, but whatever. RIP Rev. Orvis.

I am well-versed in languages of love.... Parlez vous Englais?


  1. Haha hilarious pics and you're really funny. Nice work. Btw, for the last picture, you great lover man you, the phrase is "Parla inglese?". Xoxo. They're both love language : le premier est pour le romance, la seconda è per passione.
    I still love the pics though! Keep in touch. I'm adding you to fav.

  2. Why thank you! But you underestimate my irony... Vous avez le sens des mots. J'ai adoré votre phrase.

  3. Dude, you're about to get laid. You're about to get a seismic testicular ecstasy from Emma!


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